NHL POWER Rankings: October

First of all, these POWER rankings have absolutely nothing to do with straight up wins, they are simply describing how well a team is playing, regardless if they end up with the win, or not.

There are 6 major components in determining these POWER rankings: Corsi for percentage, or shot attempt percentage (CF%); Expected goals percentage (xGF%); Scoring chances for percentage (SCF%); Power play Fenwick for percentage (PPFF%), Fenwick is like Corsi, except it doesn’t include blocked shots, making them valued in Fenwick; Penalty kill Fenwick for percentage (PKFF%); and finally Adjusted Fenwick save percentage, or the actual save percentage minus the expected save percentage based on shot quality (Adj. FenSv%). All of the statistics are both score and venue adjusted to account for the home ice advantage, and the distortions the score has on possession stats.

Now, onto the POWER rankings. (by the way if anyone could make up a cool acronym for POWER, that would be great.)

Rank; Team name; Score

1. New York Rangers – 57.4

No defense? No problem. At least not yet. The Rangers have posted excellent shot quality statistics, with a dominant power play, and penalty kill. Their biggest problem as of now is actually Henrik Lundqvist, which if history has told us anything will get much better. I underestimated the Rangers team this year.

2. Washington Capitals – 56.7

So far this team has no noticeable weaknesses outside of the penalty kill, which is 26th in PKFF%. They’re getting both quality, and quantity of shots, and Braden Holtby is playing great.

3. San Jose Sharks – 55.5
Last years runner up for the Stanley Cup is off to a great start, which is expected when you take a glimpse at their roster. They are above average in every single one of the components.

4. Montreal Canadiens – 54.8

Did they lose the PK Subban for Shea Weber deal? Well, not yet i suppose. Even though they’ve been fairly average at 5v5, their PKFF% ranks 5th in the league. Also – that Carey Price guy, he’s pretty good.

5. Anaheim Ducks – 52.6

Quite an oddly good start for a team that replaced Bruce Boudreau with Randy Carlyle, and didn’t have Hampus Lindholm. The Ducks have had dominant special teams, and above average goaltending so far.

6. Florida Panthers – 52.5

Bargain bin players Jonathan Marchessault and Colton Sceviour have been paying off for the Cats, accounting for nearly half of their goals. They are above average in every statistic except Adj. FenSv%, where they have been just slightly below average.

7. Ottawa Senators – 52.2

The Senators Corsi is fairly bad, but as we all know, that doesn’t tell us the whole story, they’re top tier in SCF%, and xGF%. Also lowkey have had absolutely dominant special teams.

8. Columbus Blue Jackets – 52.1

Yes, I know all of you guys had Columbus pegged for last in the NHL, but really, they are not a bad team. They have the 2nd best PKFF% behind only the New York Rangers so far this season, and Sergei Bobrovsky has been elite so far.

9. St. Louis Blues – 51.9

Fantastic team at 5v5, having struggles on special teams, especially on the penalty kill. Nail Yakupov has been a nice addition for only a conditional 3rd round pick. Jake Allen has also provided solid goaltending thus far.

10. Chicago Blackhawks – 51.9

Good team struggling with shot quality, and penalty killing early on. Brilliant pick up of Brian Campbell in the offseason who has for sure bolstered their defensive core. Getting elite level goaltending from Corey Crawford is nice, too.

11. Toronto Maple Leafs – 51.7

Auston Matthews and the Toronto Maple Leafs are actually off to quite a good start. Frederik Andersen has been a let down so far, but it’s reasonable to expect that he will rebound soon enough. The Leafs have a decent chance this year.

12. Edmonton Oilers – 51.7

Peter Chiarelli is a terrible general manager who will look great when Connor McDavid pulls this team to one of the top three seeds in the Pacific division. Him and elite goalie Cam Talbot, who is off to a great start.

13. Los Angeles Kings – 51.5

Los Angeles, as per usual have been a dominant CF% team, but this year they’ve struggled with shot quality. Very good power play, though. And actually not bad goaltending so far, but I’m not sure if I would expect that to hold up.

14. Minnesota Wild – 51.2

My sleeper pick to make the Stanley Cup Finals this year is off to a pretty average start. A great power play, and good shot quality metrics. Devan Dubnyk is also holding a fairly long shutout streak at the moment.

15. Detroit Red Wings – 50.9

Like Minnesota, they aren’t necessarily outshooting the other team most of the time, but, they’re doing very good in the shot quality department. Petr Mrazek has provided very good goaltending.

16. Pittsburgh Penguins – 50.2

Last year’s Stanley Cup Champion is just receiving the best player in the world, who won last years MVP in the playoffs, and the World Cup, yeah he’s pretty good. They will be higher next month.

17. Buffalo Sabres – 50.0

The Sabres are off to a good start based on what I expected of them. They’re posting a 55.91 SCF% thus far. Special teams have been pretty meh, and Robin Lehner has been slightly above average.

18. Carolina Hurricanes – 50.0

GET RID OF CAM WARD! GET RID OF CAM WARD! GET RID OF CAM WARD! Dead last in Adj. FenSv%. Factor out goaltending, and they rank top 5 in these rankings.

19. New York Islanders – 48.8

They have John Tavares. And goaltending. They’re getting outshot a lot at 5v5. At least they’re doing pretty good in scoring chances.

20. New Jersey Devils – 48.7

The Devils are a team who get’s outshot, in basically every department. They have the 2nd worst penalty in the league, just ahead of Chicago. The one thing they do have though is Cory Schnieder.

21. Boston Bruins – 48.6

Not a bad team at all at 5v5, they’re actually pretty dang good at 5v5. The problem is that they’re never at 5v5. They take a lot of penalties and have pretty mediocre special teams thus far. Combine that with the Tuukka Rask injury, and you have problems. Luckily Rask is back now.

22. Tampa Bay Lightning – 48.5

Average at 5v5 in terms of shot attempts and quality. Their power play has been absolutely fantastic. The problem here is that Ben Bishop has been really bad so far, which will likely turn around in favour of the Lightning.

23. Dallas Stars – 48.4

The injury plagued Stars have struggled a fair bit early on. Surprisingly Lehtonen and Niemi haven’t even been bad. But in terms of PPFF%, the Stars are right near the bottom.

24. Philadelphia Flyers – 48.3

They finished last year with arguably the best goaltending tandem in the NHL. Unfortunately for them, Steve Mason and Micheal Neuvirth have been off to a poor start, which will likely fix itself soon enough.

25. Vancouver Canucks – 46.8

The Canucks started magnificently with a 4-0 start, but then it went downhill. This team has Brandon Sutter as the #2 centre, what were you really expecting here? The tank for Patrick is on in Vancouver, and they need him.

26. Nashville Predators – 48.5

Absolutely everything has gone wrong in Nashville. It might be time to Panik. They’re one of the worst CF% teams in the league, and their shot quality numbers haven’t exactly been too great, either. Combine that with absolutely atrocious special teams and this is what you get.

27. Calgary Flames – 46.3

“With the acquisition of Brian Elliott, the Flames are a safe bet to make the playoffs!” – Calgary Flames fan, before season. NOPE. They have been brutal, at least they have Johnny Gaudreau.

28. Colorado Avalanche – 45.5

They have had a really, really good penalty kill so far. Unfortunately that is the only place where they are having any success at all. Noticeably being destroyed in the scoring chances department at 39.7%.

29. Winnipeg Jets – 44.8

They absolutely NEED Jacob Trouba back ASAP if they want any chance this year. But, it looks like he will not play for a Canadian team. The Jets have been straight up terrible in every department, except goaltending. At least they have Scheifele and Wheeler.

30. Arizona Coyotes – 44.2

Poor Yotes. Some people thought they had a chance this year. They have Oliver Ekman-Larsson, some would consider him the best defenseman in the league, and they are still abysmal. Just everything is going wrong for them.

All statistics from Corsica.Hockey

2 thoughts on “NHL POWER Rankings: October”

  1. Carolina looks intriguing. The forwards have been a bit unlucky. There is upside. Maybe nobody has noticed, but the goalie glut has dried up. Philly drafting Hart so late will prove to be a massive steal.

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