Who won the Duclair for Panik trade?

Finally, a slightly meaningful trade! Anthony Duclair and Adam Clendening to the Hawks, and Richard Panik and Laurent Dauphin to the Coyotes.


Duclair has been on the trade block for years as an inconsistent top prospect who still has the talent to become a really good player. This year, though, hasn’t been the best for him. He’s on pace for around 35+ points this season.

Adam Clendening is closer to a high calibre AHL defenseman than an NHLer. He has played 5 games in the NHL this season with the Hawks, scoring 2 assists. The two years before this, Clendening showed that he could play acceptably as an NHL defenseman with a lesser role; playing 20 games or more in both of those seasons.


Last year Richard Panik broke out with 22 goals and 44 points with the Blackhawks, surprising everyone. Of course, Panik still needs to show he can stay at that pace, as he’s fallen behind the pace set by Duclair this season. However, Panik is still on pace for around 35 points this year.

Laurent Dauphin is more of an AHL calibre, NHL call up centre. Dauphin isn’t much of a scorer, but rather a two-way centre, who at best will fit into the Coyote’s bottom six.


Why this trade sucked for the Coyotes:

This trade involves two key forwards and two call up calibre players, so we can compare this as a 1 on 1.

Panik is 26, and is probably in his prime. For him to reach 22 goals and 44 points last season is great, but that also means that’s probably his high for his career. Panik isn’t on pace for those stats this time around- partially due to the fact the Hawks have stunk this year. Keep in mind that, in his only season as a regular NHLer, Anthony Duclair actually reached Panik’s total of 44 points, 20 of those being goals. One of the reasons Duclair hasn’t done so well is that the Coyotes suck. A lot. Which wasn’t the case for Panik’s former Hawks before this year.


Adam Clendening has played a respectable amount of NHL games a season, throughout his entire career. He’s a reliable call up, and a great boost to an AHL team, and a nice fitting in a team’s bottom pairing, or 7th defenseman.

Laurent Dauphin is a two-way centre who is also a good boost to an AHL team. He hasn’t had as much experience in the NHL as Clendening, as he just emerged as a call up last season. In the near future, he may be a fourth line centre. Clendening will probably make a bigger impact.


The Coyotes traded away two good pieces for two slightly worse pieces, which absolutely sucks for them.


Why this trade sucked for the Hawks:


I already pretty much analyzed the trade above, so the Hawks got the better piece yes, but maybe this wasn’t the best move. Duclair isn’t amazing right now, and it might take a while for him to get back into his 20 goal form. Panik, however, is scoring 20 goals (or around it) now. Sure, you can wait for Duclair to be amazing, but top guys like Kane and Toews can’t. They’re good now, and it won’t be long until they’re too old to win cups. They could use more supporting players like Panik. For the Blackhawks, AHLers don’t matter as much as they might for other teams, they’re already stacked at every position, but losing a guy like Dauphin may end up hurting soon.


So who won?:

Trying to find a way to say Chicago lost this trade was strangely difficult, so I’d give this trade to them.


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