Who needs Jack Johnson the most?

Jack Johnson has reportedly requested a trade from the Columbus Blue Jackets. Johnson is a UFA next season, so any team acquiring him will probably only have a rental for the playoffs/second half of the season. Here are 3 teams who may need a rental defenseman like Johnson to boost their blue line this season.


Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens are really, really bad right now. Sure, one of their problems is offence but what about their defence? Not only have they over spent on their defence, but it’s still pretty weak. Johnson could slot into the Canadiens 2nd or third pairing, and hopefully help the Canadiens… not suck, and maybe even make the playoffs? Montreal has the cap space to do it, the only thing they have to figure out is not to overpay for Johnson.


New Jersey Devils

The Devils are looking to make a push in a playoffs this year. Their offence is set, their goaltending is fine, but their defense may need a bit of work to succeed in the playoffs this year. Making moves to strengthen their blue line already (See Vatanen, Sami), it seems there are still holes on their blue line. The Devils also have the cap space to afford almost two Jack Johnsons.


Los Angeles Kings

After missing the playoffs last year, the L.A Kings are back in contention. Now them being on this list may be surprising, as they have the best defender in the league in Drew Doughty. But Doughty, along with other notable defenseman Alec Martinez, are right defenders. Now when it comes to left defenders, their top defender is Jake Muzzin, who is good yes. But how about the players behind him, Muzzin is injured right now, so these guys come into play more than usual. Well, there’s Derek Forbort and Kurtis MacDermid. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are amazing, but you need a bit more depth to succeed in the playoffs. That’s where Johnson comes in, Johnson, a left defender, will be much of a help on the left side when it comes to the playoffs. It’s also worth mentioning A. L.A does not have the cap space to take his contract, but obviously someone would go to the Jackets for Johnson, and B. the Kings are Johnsons former team.


That’s three teams that could use Johnson, do you agree? Or maybe I missed a few important teams, that’s for you to debate.

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