Did Cogliano deserve his suspension?


Unfortunately, the long lasting “Iron-Man Streak” of Andrew Cogliano has come to an abrupt end as he got a 2 game suspension for this hit. Yes, this was interference, and yes, this was a high hit, but did it really need two games? That’s what I want to debate.


Let me start off by saying that I am glad Adrian Kempe was not injured on this hit: needless to say that would’ve been horrible. But although this was blatant interference, the hit doesn’t look like it was aimed that high. When slowing it down to 0.25 speed Cogliano’s knees are bent the same the entire time, and he doesn’t rise up. Kempe’s head doesn’t look to be the target for at least most of it.


This hit was still pretty bad. It hit Kempe’s head, and Kempe was nowhere near the puck. But the NHL really needs to define what gets suspended. The hit on Kempe didn’t seem as bad as this hit right here. Not only did this hit give Aho a concussion but also injured his knee. The fact that this doesn’t get a suspension and the hit to Kempe does is totally bonkers.

The NHL already has a history of protecting its golden boys from suspension anyways. I mean from a business standpoint, wouldn’t Cogliano’s super streak bring in more ticket sales and jersey sales? Why the heck would you suspend him, it’s not like anyone would totally freak out over it like people are now!


Do you think justice was served here? Or maybe you think that Cogliano didn’t deserve it? Do you think I’m totally missing the point here and that Cogliano should’ve been suspended for more games?

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