How Does Deryk Engelland’s Contract Stack Up Against Other Enforcers?

Hometown hero Deryk Engelland was recently signed to a 1 year, 1.5 million dollar extension. Most people seem to think that he was overpaid… by a lot. That’s why I’m here to compare his contract with similar roles


Matt Martin

The first person I thought of (as a Leafs fan) was Matt Martin. Both of these players are fan favorites (to some in Martin’s case.), team “tough guys”, both hometown guys (Martin from Windsor), and are meant to be huge role models to the younger players. These players are similar in many ways, but their contracts? Not at all! A few years back, Martin was signed to what, now and then, seems like one of the worst contract in Leafs history, getting a whole 2.5 million dollars, every year for FOUR YEARS! Engelland, who’s “hometown guy” story has been told all over the league, got a 1 year deal for 1 million less, that’s less security and less money for a guy who may be as, if not more valuable. That’s one contract that supports Vegas’ decision (But shouldn’t count).


Ryan Reaves

Ryan Reaves is also a fan favourite, or if not, he should be. He’s also the (almost) Official “Tough Guy” of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and role model to the younger players (as if the Pens don’t have enough role models). Although he currently earns more than Engelland, Engelland’s new extension boosts him up above Reaves when it comes to money earned. Reaves is on the last year of a deal that pays him 1.125mill per year. Even though Reaves signed this contract a few years ago (and was later traded in a deal that included a first round pick going the other way), he still signed this contract with the same role as now. I think that makes that one trade that’s proof for an L to Vegas for that contract.


Chris Neil

Yes, yes, Chris Neil retired recently I know. But he signed his last contract not too long ago, so I think it’s fair to add him on. The thing about Neil is that, he was a new level of “fan favourite”. He was a guy who spent his entire career with one team. So he’s definitely worth more than Engelland right? Well his last contract, a 1 year contract, had him earn as much as Engelland, despite being only a few years older than him. I think that means Vegas overpaid, but that’s up for opinion.


That makes 1 player contract making Engelland’s look like a steal, one that makes it look like an overpayment, and one that’s up to you. So, do you think Vegas overpaid?

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