How Much is a 7th Round Pick Worth?

The Trade Deadline is very soon, teams will be trading NHLers, AHLers, ECHLers, everywhere. Another asset of course would be picks. The 1st round pick of any team is of course very valuable, but what about the 7th, the last pick, of any team? Who knows, maybe it’ll come in handy.


The Enroth Trade

The Leafs traded struggling backup Jhonas Enroth to the Ducks for a 7th. Enroth, a proven backup, was bought in to backup Frederik Andersen on a 1 year contract. He did horrendous. Playing 6 winless games with a .872 save percentage, he fell out of favor and had a stint in the AHL. After the trade, he played (impressively) in the Duck’s AHL team.


The Ducks got an NHL rental backup for a 7th rounder. “But he played horribly and even played in the AHL!”. That’s true, but you can’t judge a goalie for a rough patch. Enroth played years as an NHL backup, the only reason this trade seems unfavourable is because the Ducks wasted Enroth in the AHL, and spent a 7th on it.


The McNally Trade

The Canucks traded Patrick McNally to the Sharks for a 7th. At the time, McNally was a defenseman prospect for the Canucks at Harvard. The next season though, he made his debut for the Sharks’ AHL team, and played parts of two seasons there. This season, he started with their ECHL team, and did amazingly, scoring 24 points in 29 games as a defenseman. He recently departed to Europe. That’s still 2 AHL seasons and an ECHL season in the organization.


The Sharks got an AHL/ECHL defenseman (for 3 years) for a 7th round pick.


The Niemi Trade

The Sharks traded the rights to Antti Niemi to the Stars for a 7th round pick. By doing this, they got to negotiate with Niemi for 3-4 days before he became a free agent. Two days after the trade, they signed him. Of course they overpayed him, it put the Stars in a whole goalie limbo, and the Stars had to buy him out, but that’s not the point.


The Stars got the rights to a potential starter (or in their case a potential 1A and 1B), for a 7th round pick. It’s only the way they handled it that made it a bit iffy.


The Carcillo Trade

The Kings traded Daniel Carcillo to the Rangers for a 7th round pick. Carcillo was an NHL tough guy, on the last year of his cheap contract. It was mid-way through the season, why not? Carcillo provided good ol’ toughness for the Rangers for the rest of the season, along with the playoffs.  


The Rangers got a key rental piece of their playoff team (I guess) in Carcillo for a 7th round pick.


The Sullivan Trade

The Coyotes traded Steve Sullivan to the Devils for a 7th round pick. It’s near the end of the season, and the Devils were Sullivan’s first NHL team. So this was probably just to let Sullivan’s career end where it started. Even then, the Devils got 5 points in 9 games from him.


The Devils got a rental forward/opportunity to honour a player for a 7th round pick. This shouldn’t really count as it was just Phoenix.  Giving Sullivan a fairy tale end to his career, back where he started, but if they wanted to give him away they would’ve used “future considerations”.


The Pouliot Trade


The Lightning traded Marc-Antoine Pouliot to Arizona for a 7th round pick. At the time, Pouliot was used only as an AHLer that could be called up. That’s exactly what the Yotes did with the 1st round bust who played 13 games in the NHL with the Coyotes only to move to Switzerland.


The Coyotes got a boost to their AHL depth/NHL depth for a 7th round pick.


These teams got depth boosts for their AHL teams, some got full time NHLers, some got stuck with ECHLers. That 7th round pick of yours that hopefully doesn’t become a really good NHL player, is now a key piece of your organization!


Note: Wait, I didn’t tell you anything about those 7th round picks! The Enroth trade pick is still waiting to be drafted, as it was a 2018 pick. The McNally trade resulted in Tate Olson, once considered a steal of a prospect for the Canucks, he was left unsigned. The Niemi trade gave the Sharks goaltender Jake Kupsky. I’m unclear whether they still have his rights or not, but it seems that they do. Kupsky still plays college though. The pick from the Carcillo trade was Spencer Watson. Watson is in his first pro season with the Kings ECHL team right now, but he did make a stint in the AHL. At the time I write this, he is a point per game player in the ECHL. With the pick from the Sullivan trade, the Yotes got Jared Fiegl. The forward is currently alternate captain of Cornell University’s hockey team, but he doesn’t really score too much. The Coyotes haven’t signed him yet, and I don’t think they ever will. The Pouliot trade gave the Lightning a familiar name. Matthew Peca. The NHLer is currently doing amazingly, and has almost double the points than Pouliot scored for the Coyotes already!

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