A Brief History of Radko Gudas’ Incidents

Radko Gudas is probably one of the dirtiest players in the NHL, and his hit on Palmeri proves it, why does he still play? Let’s see some of his incidents.


March 12th 2013

This was his first NHL game and he already got himself into an incident. Gudas and Kris Versteeg were rushing towards the puck, and Gudas checks Versteeg in the knee, and while Versteeg literally slides across the ice grabbing his knee, Gudas with no remorse, goes to the puck like nothing happened. Versteeg ended up needing season ending surgery due to the hit. Here’s a link to the video. He’s just a rookie at this point. It’s only one unfortunate hit, right?


October 27th 2013

Scottie Upshall squirts water at Gudas after he falls in front of the Panthers bench, what did he do to retaliate? Swing his stick at the Panthers bench, earning him an ejection. Come on, that could’ve seriously hurt someone, it was just a water bottle squirt sheesh. Maybe this is getting a bit out of hand… nah.


April 5th 2014

Gudas and Roussel both rush for the puck, Gudas gets it and headshots Antoine Roussel. This is just idiotic. The hit sent Roussel’s helmet flying, but partially due to the fact that Roussel had made himself in a vulnerable position, it only earned Gudas a match penalty. Luckily, Roussel returned to action a few minutes later. Maybe Gudas is a bit of a problem now.


December 1st 2015

Mika Zibanejad has the puck. Here comes Gudas! Gudas nails him in the head, injuring Zibanejad.  No penalty was called on the play, but Gudas was suspended three games later for it. At this point you have to wonder why he’s in the NHL.


February 16th 2016

Bobby Farnham chats with another player on the opposing team, and Gudas swoops in and hits him in the head, Farnham wasn’t even close to being near play! This only got him ejected though.


October 3rd 2016

What is this? Vesey gets the puck beside the boards, and BOOM, Gudas viciously boards him! That earned him yet another ejection.


October 8th 2016

Austin Czarnik has the puck, Radko Gudas and Dale Weise are after him, so he passes it away. Weise stops, and goes towards the puck. At the same time Gudas keeps going, and around a second or two after Czarnik lets go of the puck, Gudas gives Czarnik a headshot. Interference and hit to the head. Gudas got 6 games for this, Czarnik didn’t return to the game.


October 27th 2017

Chris Wideman has the puck, looks for someone to pass to, and *deep breath* Gudas nails him in the head. Wideman had to leave the game, and Gudas earned another ejection. Is there an achievement in NHL 18 I’m not aware of where you need 50 ejections?


November 20th 2017

There’s a fight going on for the puck, and Mathieu Perreault and Gudas are two of a few battling for the puck. They shove a bit, Gudas pushes Perreault down and slashes his neck with great force! This is not a hit to the head where you could say it was an accident, it is not a boarding where you could say the other player was out of position. This was an extremely dangerous slash to the neck, that could’ve gone horribly wrong. Gudas got a 10 game suspension, and Perreault avoided serious injury. If there’s anything here that makes Gudas deserve to be barred from the NHL, it’s this one.


Honourable mentions

Gudas hits Stalberg in the jaw, injuring Stalberg. No call was made on this one. Gudas literally pulls Soderberg to drop him on the ice. Only a penalty was issued. Gudas hits Turris after another player has possession of the puck. Fortunately, Turris came back after.the hit. Gudas hits Kadri with a knee on knee. Kadri wasn’t hurt enough to sit out on this, but it did look painful. Gudas was only penalized on this. Gudas hip checks Hossa into the Chicago bench. This isn’t too bad of a hit, but this really could’ve injured someone on the bench or Hossa.  Rookie Daniel Catenacci battles for the puck, gets off balance, and suddenly Gudas swoops in and hits him in the head. This could’ve gone really badly. Gudas wasn’t suspended for that though.


There are so many incidents involving Gudas that could’ve seriously hurt someone, so why is he allowed to play?

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